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River View Partners, LLC is a data driven  consulting firm focused on serving the comprehensive needs of cause-based organizations, SMBs and corporations. RVP's areas of expertise include Operational Effectiveness, Experiential Marketing, Cause Marketing, Web Development, Corporate Social Responsibility and Audience Development. 

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Our Services

Branding & Graphic Design

We deliver high-end designs to reflect your company's commitment to quality & excellence!

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Marketing & Advertising

We develop & implement   marketing strategies that drive heightened awareness

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Audience Development

We deploy long-term acquisition, retention and growth strategies for to build and sustain your audience

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Web Design & Development

We leverage best practices and cutting edge tech to build professional websites for our partners.

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Experiential Marketing & Event Management

We ideate, plan, organize, execute, and coordinate virtual events with high efficiency

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Business Development
& Fundraising

We provides tangible ways to initiate your monetization campaigns and provide hands on support to your initiatives

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Social Impact Consulting

We collaborate with cause-driven businesses and organizations to maximize their impact in society while achieving  measurable marketing value

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Corporate Branding &
Public Relations

We implement strategies across  web, print, social & new media to coordinate your marketing  to achieve a consistent & memorable message

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Diversity, Equity &
Inclusion Consulting

We equip employees with tools to foster equitable and inclusive workplaces. We do this using a range of workshops, virtual trainings and coaching services

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Corporate Social Responsibility

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Public Relations & Branding

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DE&I Consulting

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Our Projects

Project Portfolio

Our strategies strive to do more than just improve a brand's identity, they serve as concrete and measurable plan that have quantifiable business outcomes and definitive societal impacts.

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Ingredients for Success Initiative

In conjunction with the relaunch of Famous Amos cookies, the brand wanted to honor it's founder, Wally Amos’ legacy through a program that celebrates and supports Black entrepreneurs.

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Audiomack Advertising Grant

During December 2020, River View Partners partnered with Audiomack to distribute PPE to the community. (KN-95 Masks). Through our collaboration The PPE was distributed within 10 American communities

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Audiomack PPE Grant

Additionally, Audiomack is providing an advertising inventory grant to the NBCC to highlight these businesses across the platform.ese businesses across the platform.

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Nielsen: Real Insights

This webinar series highlights and addresses important topics that are top of mind for Black business owners and brands, featuring some of today’s leading voices among the Black community from various industries and walks of life. The episodes are listed below!

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American Dream Fund

The American Dream Fund (ADF) funds critical needs for black-owned businesses to catalyze the recovery from COVID-19 while creating a sustainable ecosystem & program for long-term success.

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Over 25 years of combined in experience.

Our  consulting involves several steps. However, regardless of the size or type of project, the following five steps are the most important part of the consulting process.

Step 1
Problem Diagnosis & Discovery

At the first stage, our focus is shifted towards analyzing the problem and the purpose. Cooperation and transparency is key. We'll access the performance patterns of the organization and make an assessment of the requirements needed to carry out the business transformation.

Step 2
Solution Design & Development

We consider all the factors that could possibly be influencing the situation and then structure the problem into categories. This involves breaking down the project into steps with specifics deadlines and allocating people to do the different tasks.

Step 3
Feedback, Testing and Implementation

RVP will help it's partners  meet their goals by speeding technology adoption, assessing existing workflows, and creating new processes, seamlessly bringing together people, process, and technology. At this stage we test the strategy or digital product and set our sights on implementation

Step 4
Reporting & Sustainability

RVP is a results-driven firm. That makes it even more important  to show our partners that were driving that you drive valuable and measurable results.

Company History

Company Timeline


By 2019, RVP's Founder & CEO, Roby Mercharles had spent the majority of his career building relationships with and between business associations, Tech firms and Fortune 500 Companies to facilitate an efficient business ecosystem through .


The pandemic forces a large percentage of businesses to close down including 41% of the Black business community. Roby recognizes the gaps in the ecosystem and enlist the help of seasoned economic development and tech specialist to form RVP.


RVP Partners with The National Black Chamber to lead the organization into a more digitally friendly model and optimize it's operation. NBCC consults with RVP on three projects including The Famous Amos: Ingredients for Success Initiative. Case study here.


River View Partners becomes a partner of the Community software provider, TagFi and acquires a stake in the growth and development of The American Dream Fund & Marketplace. ADF & M case study here.


RVP facilitates partnerships with innovative companies in tech, entertainment, media and consumer goods, including Audiomack, Dell, and The Wall Street Journal to develop the ADM. RVP establishes educational programs aimed at supporting ADM users in their entrepreneurial pursuits


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Our clients range from non-profits to Fortune 500 companies.

See what some of our clients have to say about their experience with RVP.

"We consider River View Partners to be an asset which accomplishes that ethos efficiently and impactfully, while carrying on the NBCC’s decades-long traditions with a modern perspective.”
Charles DeBow, III
Executive Director of NBCC
"We consider River View Partners to be an asset which accomplishes that ethos efficiently and impact fully, while carrying on the NBCC’s decades-long traditions with a modern perspective.”
Charles DeBow III
National Black Chamber of Commerce
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October 21, 2021

7 ingredients to Business Success

Famous Amos is giving small Black businesses the opportunity to build more sustainable growth through the “Ingredients for Success” intiative.

February 10, 2021

$25,000 Advertising Grant for Black Business Owners

Audiomack will be contributing $10,000 to sponsor the donation of 200,000 KN95 masks to Black businesses within the NBCC network.

August 19, 2021

200,000 K-N95 Masks for Black Business Owners

Read about our PPE distribution efforts and partnerships.